Pelt Single Low Drawer Nightstand

Elegance Simplified

Introducing the Pelt Single Low Drawer Nightstand, an embodiment of timeless beauty and simplicity. This nightstand by Lonavelo seamlessly blends classic aesthetics with modern practicality. Crafted from eco-friendly Paulownia Wood and finished in pristine white, it’s an affordable piece that elevates your bedroom decor.

  • Material: Crafted from eco-friendly Paulownia Wood, offering durability and a sustainable choice.
  • Design Style: A classic design with a modern classic finish, infusing timeless elegance into your bedroom.
  • Storage: Features a low drawer for discreet organization and an upper shelf for additional storage and display.
  • Color: Finished in pristine white, it harmonizes effortlessly with various bedroom decor styles, enhancing the overall ambiance.
  • Practicality: Despite its classic appearance, the nightstand is remarkably lightweight, ensuring easy rearrangement and adaptability in your bedroom, allowing you to express your evolving style with simplicity and grace.

The Pelt Single Low Drawer Nightstand

Description: Experience the enduring charm of the Pelt Single Low Drawer Nightstand, an exquisite addition to your bedroom decor. This nightstand, presented by the renowned Lonavelo brand, is a testament to classic design, eco-conscious craftsmanship, and affordability. It invites you to transform your personal sanctuary into a realm of timeless beauty and modern functionality.

Key Specifications:

Eco-Friendly Excellence: Crafted from Paulownia Wood, this nightstand is not just a statement of elegance but also a declaration of your commitment to an eco-friendly lifestyle. The choice of sustainable materials reflects a harmonious relationship with the environment, adding a layer of consciousness to your bedroom decor.

A Timeless Aesthetic: With its classic design, the Pelt Nightstand effortlessly blends traditional elements with a modern classic finish. It’s not just furniture; it’s a work of art that adds a touch of grace to your bedroom, capturing the essence of enduring beauty.

Efficient Storage: Practicality meets elegance with a convenient low drawer for discreet organization. An upper shelf provides a stylish space for your cherished belongings, striking a harmonious balance between form and function, ensuring your bedroom remains clutter-free and serene.

Color Harmony: Finished in pristine white, this nightstand harmonizes with a wide range of bedroom decor styles, effortlessly enhancing the ambiance of your personal retreat. It serves as a canvas for your design aspirations, a blank slate to express your unique style.

Practical Adaptability: While the Pelt Nightstand exudes classic charm, it remains incredibly lightweight, allowing you to easily rearrange your bedroom’s layout and express your evolving style effortlessly. This feature embodies the essence of practicality, making it a versatile piece that grows with you.

In summary, the Pelt Single Low Drawer Nightstand by Lonavelo is a masterpiece that goes beyond mere bedroom furniture. It’s a symbol of timeless beauty, eco-conscious living, and affordable luxury. This nightstand is not just an addition to your bedroom; it’s an enhancement of your lifestyle and an embodiment of your values. Indulge in the simplicity of enduring beauty with this exceptional piece and transform your bedroom into a sanctuary of elegance and grace.








55.11' H 29.52' W 15.74' D


Requires Assembly


39.68 lbs


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