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Data Protection at Lonavelo

At Lonavelo, we hold your privacy in the highest regard. This Privacy Notice outlines our current privacy practices regarding the collection and utilization of Personal Information, which is defined as any data concerning an identified or identifiable natural person. We aim to provide you with comprehensive insights into the nature of the information we gather, the reasons behind its collection, the parties with whom we may share it, and the measures we undertake to safeguard it. This statement is applicable to Personal Information that we acquire from individuals who interact with any of the Lonavelo companies (referred to as “the Company,” “we,” or “us”) through our websites, mobile applications, social media platforms, and other digital properties, collectively referred to as the “Site,” unless explicitly stated otherwise. This notice also encompasses data collected through offline channels and interactions, such as in-person purchases, service requests, and event participation. However, please note that this notice does not pertain to the Personal Information of job applicants or employees. Any capitalized terms not explicitly defined in this document shall bear the meanings ascribed to them by the pertinent Data Protection Laws.

This Privacy Notice is all-encompassing and pertains to all Loven Chile parent companies, controlled subsidiaries, and global affiliates. This includes entities and brands such as Loven and Lonavelo, collectively referred to as “Lonavelo Companies” or “Lonavelo”

In situations where you engage with us on behalf of another individual or entity, such as referring a friend to our services, it is your responsibility to secure their consent or possess the necessary legal authority to share their Personal Information with us.

By utilizing our Site or providing us with your Personal Information, you are acknowledging and consenting to the privacy practices outlined in this Privacy Notice. Your privacy is of utmost importance to us, and we are committed to safeguarding your information and ensuring its responsible use.

Origins of Personal Data

At Lonavelo, we take your privacy seriously and are committed to being transparent about how we collect and use your Personal Information. Below, we outline the various sources from which we may gather your Personal Information:

2.1 From you directly: We may collect Personal Information directly from you when you engage with us. This can occur through actions such as:

  • Completing forms, including those on our website.
  • Engaging in transactions with us.
  • Interacting with us, which encompasses communications through email and SMS.
  • Using our products and services.
  • Submitting warranty claims related to our products.
  • Notifying us of concerns or problems with our products or services.

2.2 From digital means during your Site visits: We may automatically gather data or draw conclusions about you, for example, through the utilization of cookies and various tracking technologies (collectively referred to as “Cookies”) when you engage with our Site. This may encompass details about your interactions with our Site, your interactions with us, device-specific information, and, where legally permissible or with your consent, information pertaining to your Internet usage.

2.3 From external entities or publicly accessible outlets, including: In addition, we may gather Personal Information from external sources and public records, which may include:

  • Vendors and intermediaries.
  • Social media platforms and networks.
  • Providers of services and content.
  • Advertising networks.
  • Data intermediaries or resellers.
  • Collaborating partners.
  • Open websites, government entities that uphold public records, or Personal Information shared on public platforms.

2.4 From parents, subsidiaries, and affiliates: We may receive your Personal Information from other entities under the Lonavelo umbrella, such as our parent companies, subsidiaries, and affiliates, in accordance with the terms of this Privacy Notice.

We may amalgamate, utilize, and derive insights from the Personal Information gathered from the origins delineated in this Privacy Notice, encompassing data obtained from external third-party sources and publicly accessible sources. Subsequently, we may employ or divulge this information for the stated purposes below.

Highly Confidential Personal Data and Their Usage

The Highly Confidential Personal Data we acquire from you can differ based on your interactions with our Site or our team.

Our utilization of Highly Confidential Personal Data is strictly restricted to the following purposes:

  • Providing services or delivering products that are reasonably anticipated by an average consumer.
  • Utilizing Highly Confidential Personal Data for internal business services.
  • Detecting security incidents.
  • Verifying or maintaining the quality and safety of services or devices.
  • Employing it for short-term, non-personalized advertising.
  • Preventing fraudulent, deceptive, or illegal activities.
  • Ensuring the physical well-being of individuals.
  • For purposes that do not result in inferences being drawn about you.

At Lonavelo, we are committed to safeguarding your Highly Confidential Personal Data and ensuring that it is used solely for lawful and legitimate purposes. Your privacy and security are paramount to us.

Please be aware that the Highly Confidential Personal Data described below is collected solely within the United States and exclusively for the purpose of advancing our commitment to supplier diversity, equity, and inclusion. Lonavelo does not engage in the sharing or selling of Highly Confidential Personal Data for commercial purposes. We employ and disclose this category of data solely for the following objectives:

  1. Geolocation: We may utilize GPS, Wi-Fi, and cellular technology in your device to ascertain your location and proximity to showrooms, stores, or dealers displaying our products or services.
  2. Contact: Information related to your place of residence, telephone numbers, email addresses, business contact details, shipping and billing addresses, and emergency contact information.
  3. Commercial: This category includes records of products or services you have purchased, considered, or obtained. It also covers your marketing preferences, customer feedback, and data regarding your Smart Furnishing preferences, such as desk height, or other information concerning your buying or consumption history and habits.
  4. Professional and Employment: This data category includes information regarding your job title, organization, professional licenses, credentials, professional specialization, professional affiliations, and other demographic details. Highly Confidential Personal Data may also include characteristics protected under the law, such as race, color, ancestry, national origin, sex (including gender, sexual orientation, and gender identity), and veteran status.
  5. Identification: This category may include government-issued identification, such as social security numbers, driver’s license details, national ID numbers, or passport information.
  6. Technology and Security: This category encompasses data related to your Lonavelo account login, coupled with access codes, passwords, or other identifiers that you or the Company establish to gain access to your account. Information pertaining to your online activities, including browsing and search history, Personal Information related to your interactions with our Site and advertisements, login details, IP address, log files, browser specifications, operating system, domain server, computer or device type, and other device-related data used to access our Site. This category also encompasses meeting recordings, first-team or Customer Service Center call recordings and any content you may provide, non-precise geolocation data derived from your IP address, as well as audio, electronic, visual, or other sensory information such as photographs or security camera footage in public areas.
  7. Inferences: This category pertains to conclusions drawn from the aforementioned Personal Information. These inferences are used to develop customer profiles, gauge interest in our products and services based on visit frequency and interactions, and ascertain your preferred frequency for receiving offers.
  8. Financial: Highly Confidential Personal Data may comprise financial account details, debit card information, or credit card numbers when used in conjunction with any mandatory security or access codes.

At Lonavelo, we handle this information with the utmost care, ensuring its responsible and lawful use. Your privacy and data security are our top priorities.

Use of Personal and Sensitive Personal Information

The Personal Information detailed above is employed for the subsequent business objectives:

  • Perform data analysis.
  • Execute sales activities and handle warranty claims.
  • Operate our websites and tailor the content.
  • Offer financing services.
  • Administer and service accounts, deliver customer support, process orders and transactions.
  • Maintain internal business records, enforce policies and regulations, and generate management reports.
  • Ensure the quality and safety of our services and products, with a focus on improvement, enhancement, and advancement.
  • Manage budgets.
  • Conduct audits.
  • Administer IT functions for our network, intranet, and other technologies, including IT security management and associated responsibilities.
  • Confirm customer data accuracy and facilitate payment processing.
  • Organize work plans both administratively and organizationally, including scheduling and client billing, as well as project management.
  • Oversee Company assets and manage our global workforce.
  • Handle real estate matters.
  • Keep records pertaining to business activities, such as accounting, commercial transactions, procurement, document management, and related functions.
  • Enhancing and refining our products and services through design.
  • Assessing the efficiency of our advertising and marketing initiatives.
  • Identifying and rectifying issues within our systems, networks, and equipment.
  • Seeking legal counsel or authorization when required.
  • Exercising legal entitlements and seeking remedies.
  • Tending to security and health and safety matters, including the management of communicable disease transmission, as well as addressing malicious, deceptive, fraudulent, or unlawful actions.
  • Fulfilling obligations related to reporting and similar mandates.
  • Safeguarding the safety, assets, or rights of our organization, you, our clients, and other individuals.
  • Adhering to government inspections and responding to inquiries from government or other public entities.
  • Examining and addressing allegations against the Company, its clients, and employees.
  • Establishment, exercise, or defense of legal claims.
  • Sending you newsletters, surveys, questionnaires, promotions, and information regarding events or webinars.
  • Analyzing your interactions with our email communications and the areas of our website you visit.
  • Engaging in short-term, transitory activities, such as adjusting ads displayed within the context of a single interaction.
  • Marketing our products, services, or those of our affiliates, business partners, or other collaborating third parties. This encompasses activities like contests and sweepstakes.
  • Developing audiences for our products, brands, or services, including the identification of your profile across different devices and sites to enhance the precision of our advertising.
  • Personalizing advertising to suit your preferences, both on our Sites and external platforms.
  • Associated with an ongoing interaction involving the customer and simultaneous transactions.

We may utilize the Highly Confidential Personal Data outlined above for the subsequent essential business objectives:

  • Confirming customer details.
  • Managing customer account logins.
  • Facilitating payment processing.
  • Offering financial services.
  • Conducting audits.
  • Determining geolocation.
  • Implementing the Supplier Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Program (U.S. only).
  • Adhering to government inspections and responding to inquiries from government or other public entities.
  • Exercising legal rights and seeking remedies. Inquiring into and addressing claims against the Company, its clients, and employees.
  • Safeguarding the well-being, property, and rights of our organization, yourself, our clients, and other individuals.
  • Handling security, health, and safety concerns, which includes measures related to the containment of communicable diseases, and addressing deceptive, fraudulent, malicious, or unlawful activities.

Data Security

We retain Personal Information exclusively for the duration necessary to meet the initially specified objectives for which the Personal Information was gathered or otherwise processed. Following this, the data is kept only for legitimate purposes or as mandated by legal requirements. This encompasses the retention of your Personal Information to provide the products or services you’ve requested, maintain our ongoing business association, enhance our business practices over time, ensure the continued legality, safety, and security of our services and relationships, or in alignment with our internal data retention procedures.

Lonavelo has established sensible technical and organizational measures to uphold the physical, technical, and procedural safeguards required for the protection of Personal Information in accordance with its sensitivity. These measures are tailored to prevent loss and unauthorized access, copying, usage, modification, or exposure of your Personal Information. Nonetheless, it’s important to acknowledge that the internet is not entirely secure, and no security system or safeguards are entirely impenetrable. As such, we are unable to ensure the absolute security of any information you transmit to us. We strongly discourage the transmission of confidential information via email or through our Site.

Even after concluding your association with us, we may continue to maintain your Personal Information within our systems and records. This is done to guarantee the satisfactory fulfillment of any surviving provisions found in terminated contracts or for other valid business motivations. These objectives might encompass streamlining future user onboarding, showcasing our business methods and contractual obligations, or supplying you with information regarding our products and services should you express interest. For further details regarding the specific retention periods pertinent to your Personal Information, you may reach out to us using the contact information provided below.

Third Party Websites and Services

We do not oversee the procedures employed by external websites or services that may be connected to or linked from our Site, including the information or content available on these external platforms. It’s important to note that this Privacy Notice does not extend to these external entities. Privacy notices on such linked websites may differ from ours. Your interaction with any third party website or service, including those accessible via links on our Site, is governed by the regulations and privacy notices of that specific third party. Please be aware that accessing such linked websites carries inherent risks, and we recommend that you always review the privacy notice of any linked website before disclosing any of your Personal Information on such a platform.


A cookie refers to a file that is sent with the purpose of requesting permission to be stored on your computer. By accepting this file, a cookie is created, which is then used to gather information regarding web traffic and enhance user experience on future visits to a recurrent website. Another function of cookies is to enable websites to recognize you individually, thereby providing the best personalized service on their platform.

Our website uses cookies to identify the pages that are visited and their frequency. This information is employed solely for statistical analysis, and afterward, the data is permanently deleted. You can delete cookies from your computer at any time. However, cookies assist in providing a better service on websites. They do not grant access to your computer’s information or to you, unless you willingly provide it. You have the option to accept or decline the use of cookies, although most browsers automatically accept cookies to enhance the web service. You can also adjust your computer’s settings to decline cookies. If you opt to decline cookies, you may not be able to use some of our services.

Control of Your Personal Information

At any time, you can limit the collection or use of personal information provided on our website. Whenever you are asked to fill out a form, such as a user registration form, you can check or uncheck the option to receive information via email. If you have selected the option to receive our newsletter, you can cancel it at any time.

This company will not sell, transfer, or distribute personal information collected without your consent, except as required by a court with a court order.

Changes to Privacy Policies

We may periodically revise this Privacy Notice at our own discretion. When we do so, we will update this page and indicate the date of the most recent update at the page’s top. We recommend that you regularly review this Site to stay informed about the Personal Information we collect, how it’s used, and how it’s shared. Your continued use of any of our Site after these changes will imply your acceptance of the modifications. If you do not wish to continue using our Site under the new Privacy Notice, please uninstall any mobile application and discontinue your use of our Site. In cases where applicable law mandates it, we will seek your explicit consent before implementing significant alterations to how we handle data that we have previously collected from you. If you do not grant such consent, we will maintain the use of Personal Information in a manner consistent with the version of this Privacy Notice under which it was initially gathered, or the Personal Information will be deleted.

Contact Details

If you have any inquiries regarding this Privacy Notice, please reach out to us at:


Mailing Address:
Loven Corp Chile SpA
Attn: Lonavelo’s Legal Department
Ave Providencia 1208, Of 207
Providencia, Santiago, RM
Chile, 7500571

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